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Greetings!  After 31 years of practicing law, I am humbled to be a candidate for Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge.  I am a lifelong public servant, having been a local government attorney for over 27 years and represented City of Atlanta and Gwinnett County governments, elected and appointed officials, and thousands of employees. In addition, I have faithfully served in many civic and community service organizations throughout Gwinnett County. My love for Gwinnett County and its residents has inspired a desire to continue my longstanding public service by helping everyday people solve their legal problems in a fair and impartial manner and gain access to the Court system. I would be honored to earn your vote!

My platform is built on three Ts:  Temperance, Transparency, and Trust, as I firmly believe that these characteristics are important for a judge to possess.   I am even-tempered, open and honest, and you can trust me to follow the law and to do what is right. 

  • Community-wide Safety
  • Curbing the incarceration of persons with mental illness, PTSD, & Substance Abuse
  • Facilitating Access to the Courts by members of the community
  • Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking
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